Monday, 12 August 2013

Normal Life and Living History

A few weeks ago, we finally found a second hand doll's house, to go with the furniture we have been storing in the garage. We didn't immediately bring in the furniture, so Grace started using the doll's house anyway. When I eventually offered to bring in the furniture, she told me she didn't want it - this is her favourite activity right now, when Jude is sleeping; lining up all the cars and trains, and using the car transporter ramp to lift them up to the doll's house, which Grace happily refers to as her "garage". 

We made cookies - under supervision, but we had plenty of time, so Grace did everything - from weighing the ingredients, to chopping the chocolate. Jude helped with the stirring a bit!

We also went to the Civil War Day at Scaplen's Court, which is a beautiful medieval building, open to the public during August, when they hold Living History Days once a week. We went to the Tudor Day last week, and will definitely be going back for the  Textiles Day and WW2.
Grace made a "plague mask" using cloves she crushed in a pestle and mortar last week and added to the "Great Fire of London" mural, and we all watched beeswax and tallow candles being made, learned how to make "hot chocolate" (which was actually a cold chocolate custard) and learned how to play 9 pins. 
For future reference, 9 pins requires 8 plain pins and one coloured pin (the king) which is surrounded by the others. The Parliamentarians get a point for every pin they bowl down - providing they "kill" the king. The Royalists (our team!) get a point for every pin they bowl down except the king, and an extra points for leaving the king standing at the end.

Adding spices to the "Plague Mask"

The finished mask

The "pouring" method of making
beeswax candles

Tallow candle
The Great Fire
On the way home we found some street performers doing a circus skills workshop. It was a little windy for the diablo and plate spinning, but Grace enjoyed the monster feet and Jude scooted around on a pedelgo!

And finally, gratuitously, two happy, tired co-sleepers!


  1. That looks like such incredible fun! I really love the picture of them asleep together. <3

    And Jude! Stop growing so fast! ;)

    1. Yes, it's scary! But T must be growing just as fast?!