Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Sting In The Tale

After a relatively relaxed start (following a very late night), we headed off to the Ancient Technology Centre who were hosting one of the Sting In The Tale events; a whole day of crafts and storytelling in a Viking Longhouse, an earth Roundhouse and outside in the beautiful surroundings.

Robin Hood stories inside the Earthhouse
I was a bit surprised that having paid a reasonable sum to get in, more of the craft activities weren't free (in fact they were very expensive!) but we all enjoyed the stories, and Grace loved seeing the dragons and giants who were wandering around the venue.

Petting the dragon
We bumped into Salma and Louise, and the kids were transfixed by Hand to Mouth puppet theatre. Grace and Salma were particularly interested in what happened when the puppet "booth" turned around to change scene, and by the end of the performance around 20 children were running behind to see the mechanics working!

Grace helped make some giant's feet, while Jude took a look at the replica Roman "Water Machine", which is currently broken and awaiting a large tree-trunk, but since it was built a couple of years ago, has pumped over a million litres of water.

Creating giant's feet
The completed feet
Replica Roman Water Machine

On the way back to the car, we stopped at the clay pit so that Grace could make a bowl, and a large mouse! By the time we got home, they were looking a little worse for wear, so Luke showed her how to make them smooth and less likely to break.

The completed project (drying)

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