Saturday, 10 August 2013

Butterflies, pirates and all that jazz!

We normally have a family day on Saturdays, but Luke had to wait in for a parcel (which didn't come) today, so it was with a certain amount of trepidation that I took both kids to the Bournemouth Natural Science Society Open Day this morning. This amazing resource has been on our doorstep and we have never been before  it is pretty much next door to our synagogue, but the "Natural Science" title made me think a little of Scientologists or creationists, and I always assumed it was some kind of religious building. It is actually a shrine to all kinds of amazing natural wonders - 40 million year old fossils and all manner of Victorian stuffed animals. We only looked downstairs today - apparently there is a mummy upstairs that we are saving for another day! Grace got busy crafting another butterfly - with lots of eyes, and then one of the wonderful volunteers showed her the ones on display with the eye markings on their wings.

The volunteers were so patient - they even took the time to show Jude the caterpillars and moths. 

Death's Head Hawk Moth - and the
President of the Society

Jude was completely fascinated by the
butterfly displays
We moved on to Dorset Scrapstore who were having a Pirate themed Open Day. Grace is crazy for pirates at the moment, so it seemed like the perfect activity. We hadn't realised that they were actually doing a "Scrapheap Challenge", rather than a drop-in, so we were too late to take part in the main activities, but Grace made an eye patch and sword, and had her face painted, while I looked round the Scrapstore.

I can't believe I haven't joined up before - costs £5 for a year's membership, and then £3 or £6 to fill a bag with vast quantities of craft materials. They also sell some crafting supplies at a fraction of the cost of getting them in the shops - 1 litre of PVA glue for a pound! I didn't have any money on me, but we bumped into Sarah, Jo and Charlie, and Sarah signed up there and then, so we shared a big bag. They get their supplies from factories and retailers, so they were even giving away books! We are going to be taking a family trip sometime next week....

I thought we would have a quiet afternoon, but the kids were getting a bit bored and fractious, so we made a spur of the moment trip out to Bournemouth Pier. The hated IMAX cinema has been pulled down, and in it's place the Council has developed an outdoor Arts Space, with lots of free concerts and performances. Today there was a concert by the National Youth Jazz Band.

Some benches have been installed, quite far back from the stage; I suspect to allow for people to sit on the floor in the front, but today it just meant there was plenty of room for some free-dance.

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