Sunday, 18 August 2013

Gardening and giggling

Sundays tend to be a fairly quiet day here; Grace did a little drawing and a lot of playing on the iPad. We went over to my dad's for lunch desperately hoping that the car (which was gushing water from the radiator) would make it there and back, and we did a little baking and gardening. Grace is very proud of the sweetcorn and beans we have grown from seed, and I am very proud of not having got too cross about Jude picking a whole load of tiny green tomatoes!

We made sponge drops, which turned out to be a layer of flat sponge, when they all ran into each other!

Grace and Jude invented a game involving a cardboard tube from the scrapstore, which appeared to be mostly shouting their names down the tube and then laughing hysterically! Grace has always been able to reduced Jude to fits of giggles, way before any of the rest of us could.

During the heatwave in July I started taking Grace out for a nightly walk just before bed - after pyjamas and teeth, to cool off. We quickly realised that it wasn't working for Jude to know that I was out of the house so close to bedtime, so now all four of us take an evening perambulation around the neighbourhood. It is lovely to get out without having to hurry anywhere, to spend time chatting to people in their front gardens and admiring the flower beds. Tonight it was enough just to watch the sunset.

We finished our latest bedtime reading book - "The Family From One End Street". We will start on the second Pippi Longstocking book tomorrow. 

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