Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Brighton was wet, and involved a lot of walking. It was lovely to catch up with old friends though, and the children were very excited to take the train into Brighton on Saturday, as Luke was photographing a wedding, and needed the car. Unfortunately, I forgot to unpack the waterproofs from the car before Luke took it, so we did have a bit of a wet, miserable day on Saturday, although it was not without it's highlights. We fashioned a waterproof for Grace from the plastic Luke's dry-cleaned jacket came wrapped in!

Grace used the sugar at the cafe we had lunch in to make a "piano". 

Jude finally overcame her fear of water jets, showers and all kinds of spurting water, to play in the water park at the fabulous new park in Brighton.

We finally found shelter from the rain in the beautiful library, before heading back to our friends' house for a spot of "Abney and Teal" watching on the iPad.

On Sunday we went back into town to have a potter around The Laines together, but came across some larger-than-life "Brighton Rocks" kids activities in the shopping centre, so stopped for a play.

We finished up at an oasis of calm for a lovely Sunday lunch before heading home.

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