Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Multi-Cultural Day

On Bank Holiday Monday, we met Nannie and Abbie at the Multi-Cultural Day at Walford Mill; this year they were focussing on Italy. In honesty, it wasn't as good as last year, but the children still enjoyed it! They both had a go at making Venetian masks and getting very sticky!

Grace proudly showing her
messy hands!

Grace was transfixed by the storyteller who was telling the story of Pinocchio, Jude took Nannie on a (half-naked!) guided tour of the masks and Grace followed a chef on stilts in the "Grand Parade". Oh, and I managed to get a gorgeous picture of Jude smiling, which is here because I love it!

When we got home, we found some caterpillars enjoying the radishes that bolted in the garden, and had an early evening stroll to the nearest park with Grace's friend, Matilda.

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