Saturday, 17 August 2013

Robots, research and re-organisation

Yesterday morning, Grace was so keen to complete the robot that she didn't even have time to get dressed! Jude was keen not to be left out of the action, so she worked on a collage while Grace and I put the final touches to the robot costume, and attempted (unsuccessfully) to keep the antennae stuck on firmly! We spent some time looking back at Grace's original plan and seeing what we had done differently and why. Grace has decided to ask Granddad's advice on the floppy antennae tomorrow.

Decorating the arms

Jude's collage

From the front....

And showing off it's hair!

In the afternoon we headed back to the Pier Approach for the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra's "Mini BSO Pirate" event. Grace had been really keen to go, and dressed in her pirate finery, but she and Jude were both grumpy by the time we got there. Neither wanted to leave, so we stayed and they pottered around grumpily, and it all felt a bit unsuccessful really....

It was a very well produced performance though, and we will definitely try again. Towards the end, Grace did start to relax a bit, and joined in with some older children dancing at the front.

Today it has rained and rained, and the car had water pouring from the coolant tank, so we haven't wanted to use it, so we have mostly been cooped up indoors, with the noise levels ever increasing as the children got cabin fever. I did manage take them each out individually for a short walk though, and both of them have been sampling fruit from the hedgerows; Grace had her first taste of elderberries, and loved them, even raw! Jude came back covered in blackberry juice. It was lovely to be able to spend some real time with them individually, not having to either hurry them or ask them to slow down.

Tasting elderberries

Jude's very first attempt at the
climbing tree

While Grace and I were out, we bought her some new art supplies; she has finally got the hang of putting pen lids back on every time, so we replaced her old dried up pens with some new ones and bought some painting pens. We have nowhere to paint in our house - the living room is carpeted and the kitchen is too small, so I felt that the pens, which contain the paint already, were a reasonable compromise. When we got home, Grace and Luke got to work trying them out. These are her flowers - apparently, the tiny figure in yellow (far right) is me when the seeds were planted, the small brown figure is me when the flowers were small and the more detailed figure is me now, with the fully grown flowers.

We have been reading "The Family At One End Street" as our nightly chapter book, and yesterday's chapter was about "The Carthorse Parade". Grace asked me if it was real, so this afternoon we looked it up. It was indeed real; it turns out the parade was started in 1885, to ensure that working horses were well treated and cared for, and it has run ever since (now as the "Harness Horse Parade"). We found this picture of one of the early parades:

Grace asked if we could go to the next one. We thought it was unlikely; we were expecting it to be very expensive to get in, and travel in London is always pricey, but when we looked into it we discovered that it has been moved to The South of England Showground, and the tickets were only £6 for adults - free for children! It looks like it is a definite possibility, and Grace is very excited!

It really does feel like we are about to really start our Home Ed experience; of course we have been educating both children since they were born, but it does feel different knowing that in a couple of weeks other children Grace's age will be starting school. With that in mind, we have been sorting and labelling our resources, using tins from our scrapstore trip last week. We have (just) one beautifully tidy shelf now - hopefully the others will follow!

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