Monday, 19 August 2013

Textiles and catching up with old friends.

An early start this morning, taking the car to the garage before dropping Luke at work, but once the "chores" were out of the way we headed over to Scaplen's Court again for their "Textiles Through Time" day. It wasn't as successful for our children as the previous sessions; the work was quite detailed and intricate, and the open setting meant that one child was always bored and running in the opposite direction - usually Jude, which meant that I wasn't able to give Grace the quite extensive help she needed. That said, she did enjoy the tie dying, and had a go at cross-stitch. We made a cardboard weaving loom too, but we did leave earlier than planned, because everyone was just "done" really.

We headed back into Wareham for some lunch and a spotting of feeding the ducks before picking up Luke.

This afternoon, Emma, Jude's advocate (non-religious "godparent") came over and Grace and Luke showed her "Dragon Box"; one of her iPad apps. Luke downloaded it because apparently it is great at teaching kids algebra. It seems to be living up to its reputation, as Grace is already doing far more complex algebraic equations than I can manage!

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