Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Scrapstore Scavenge and Candlelight Night

This morning looked about as much like "school" as we get! Grace wanted to do workbooks that didn't require my help (I think she is really enjoying the feeling of confidence from doing something she knows she can manage without any help), and as she had completed all the "early years" books, and still needs help with the 5+ books, I found her some pages from a travel pad, which seemed to have quite an academic leaning. Jude obviously wanted to get involved in whatever Grace was doing, so I set her up with paper and crayons.

Grace really enjoyed working out the word games and was so proud when she managed them on her own.

Grace's worksheets

Jude's drawing
Grace carried on doing worksheets for quite some time, but Jude got bored and I had to redirect the tipping and pouring game she had started from the carpeted living room to the garden!

After a quiet morning we all headed out to the Scrapstore. We watched some of the students from the University making installations for the Arts By The Sea Festival next month, but they are top secret, so no photos!  Grace has decided that she wants to make a robot costume tomorrow, so she spent some time this afternoon drawing a schematic for it. This is the blueprint for Project Robot tomorrow!

This evening we took Auntie Nicki to Bournemouth Gardens for the Candlelight Evening. Grace made a beeline for the circus skills area, and is definitely starting to get the hang of hula hooping.

We lit some candles, listened to the African Drumming and "tightrope" walked our way through the gardens.

African Drumming

"Tightrope" walking with Auntie Nicki

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