Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Welcome - and diving straight in!

Welcome to Washed Up Family! I am primarily writing this blog so that Grace and Jude can have a record of their Home Ed journey.

So, diving straight in, today Luke was volunteering at the CAB. As Wareham (quaintly) closes early on a Wednesday, we decided to go to nearby Upton House Country Park, which has the advantage of being free - even the car park. Upton is a great afternoon out anyway, but as it happens, today was their annual Family Fun Day, with lots of great activities.

We saw a real live bat (and batman!), which Grace was very excited about as she and Luke like to sing "Twinkle, twinkle little bat".

Grace made a beeswax candle - she is fascinated by bees, and likes to identify "bee-friendly" flowers (Upton House has lots!), and recycled paper.

They had catered for all ages, so Jude and Grace were both able to make paper butterflies, and Jude flapped her butterfly's wings for the rest of the day.
Jude's top, Grace's bottom

We had a bit of an issue with a worker at the Mini-beasts stand, who kept breaking off from speaking to Grace to talk to any adult who passed by, leaving her waiting for about 10 minutes for an answer to a her detailed spider questions, but the day was saved by the spider expert himself, who spent lots of time with her talking about tarantulas and showing her their shed skin. 
A shed tarantula skin - the box with the
blue lid contained a live tarantula!

There was also storytelling, mural making, face-painting (the queue was too long!), resuscitation training, an obstacle course and a lovely shaded spot under the trees with blankets and baby toys. There seems to be so much on for children this summer  we are looking forward to a lot more days out! 


  1. What a great day out, and free too...we need some of those down here! My eldest made beeswax candles at a show last year and we've been making them at home ever since, we love to do that together, what a lovely smell (and mama gets the candles to burn, happy days)
    Love the butterflies too :)
    Carly x

    1. We are so lucky with all the free stuff this summer! We're also looking forward to the Arts Festival in September too - that always has plenty of free activities. We won't know what to do with ourselves come the winter!