Monday, 2 September 2013

Changing Seasons

As we are now into September, I switched the Summer Season Table (which was getting a bit tatty and cluttered) for the Autumn one, despite the gloriously summery weather. It does feel good to have an area looking tidy and neat for the next season, and Grace was particularly pleased to see it when she came downstairs this morning. We have been very lucky to have taken part in several "Season Swaps" with other members of the Green Parent Forum and have received some beautiful seasonal items for our season table from some very talented crafters.

We have been thinking about what to make for our swap this time round, and Luke had a go at making a "leaf bowl" to see whether it would be a suitable activity for doing with the children. It turns out we may need to go back to the drawing board......

Grace had a friend over for most of the day, playing outside, and in the hottest part of the day, playing board games.

Most of the games that we own are quite adaptable to being played co-operatively, and this is how Grace chooses to play them. This one is "Tummy Ache", and in theory, it is a race to be the first person with a full meal on their game card, with no "Tummy Ache" cards. To play it co-operatively we decide in advance who is going to collect healthy food and who is going to collect "Tummy Aches" (usually Grace, as she likes the food riddled with spiders and maggots!), and swap cards until we all have a full plate. Grace's friend was completely bemused by the idea of playing a game like this co-operatively, so they negotiated to have a turn at each.

Grace did some more of her workbook while Jude napped, and then read one of Jude's books to her. We are finding that while Grace can be quite resistant to the idea of reading aloud, she is very happy to read books to Jude, particularly if she is fairly confident about their content. When asked, though, she is able to pick out specific words that she is reading.

When I popped into the garden later to hang out some washing, I found Jude "reading" to herself - this book is very simple and just says "baby -something-" on each page. As I went out, Jude was pointing to the open page and saying "bay-bee peeps, bay-bee peeps!" over and over again, looking very proud of herself!

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