Thursday, 12 September 2013

Back to (stage) school

Last year, Luke won a year's free tuition for Grace at Stagecoach in an online raffle. We really debated whether or not to send her (and even deferred for a term), as it is very structured and seemed very high pressured, but in the end we decided to give it a try, and she has really enjoyed it. It is very praise-based, which is something we don't really subscribe to (the children are praised for coming through the door!), but Grace seems to accept it with a roll of the eyes, and has loved taking part. It's not something we will continue with after her free year finished in December (apart from anything else, the prices are seriously prohibitive!), but it has encouraged me to work with Forest Forge, our local Theatre Company to try to set up a "Theatre Studies" class for home-educated 3-6 year olds in January. It will be a bit less "Jazz Hands" than Grace is now used to, but I'm hoping it will fill the gap! 

After Grace's class on Saturday, we headed over to Poole for the annual Thai Festival, which was enjoyable, but much more commercial than in previous years, and the monks from the Buddhist Temple weren't there, which was disappointing. Luke is planning to arrange a trip for he and Grace to see them soon, and perhaps even try some Buddhist meditation.

"Mystery meat" skewers
and sticky rice


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