Sunday, 15 September 2013

Cockroaches and climbing

Yesterday, after Grace's drama class we went to the Bournemouth Natural Sciences Society open day. They always put on a great day, and this one was no exception. We learnt about Britain's big cats (apparently there really are lynxes and leopards in this country!) and Grace got to hold a cockroach. 

We also "met" Tahemaa, the 2600 year old Egyptian mummy, but Jude was far more interested in the taxidermied fox!

It is a fabulous little museum; lots of little rooms, and doors marked "curiosity  cupboard - open me". It does tend to be quite busy on the Open Days, but apparently is sometimes open mid-week too, so we may try going back then.

The "curiosity cupboard". Luke is
keen to own a pickled toad
like the one here....
We met up with several families from some Home Ed groups we are involved in, and the kids ran around and chased each other in the lovely gardens. They also found a rather fabulous climbing tree.

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