Thursday, 12 September 2013

Half a week.....

This week has flown by, and for most of it, I haven't been able to find my phone, so there are few pictures!

On Monday, Grace spent the whole day with Nannie, while Luke was working, so Jude and I pottered around Wareham. It was lovely to be able to slow right down to her pace, and allow her to spend ten minutes with her face pressed against garden railings, looking at apple trees, or to explore the different textures of the walls. We will have to make sure that when Grace is out, we take Jude to some new places too - she is such a homebody that it's easy to forget that she doesn't get as much time as Grace did to really explore things at her pace.

We spent most of Tuesday attending a monthly parenting group that I facilitate, and both children enjoyed some time socialising with the other children there. In the evening we all headed over to Hengistbury Head  for their "Moon Watch" session, which Grace and Salma enjoyed, although it was really aimed at adults/amateur astronomers, rather than children and complete novices! We were lucky enough to be able to peer at the moon through some breaks in the cloud, and Grace was able to find out that while there were no actual spaceships orbiting the moon right then, there was a Japanese satellite. It has inspired us to have a proper look at the NASA website, as Grace is quite interested in the moon at the moment.

I got badly bitten by an insect under my eye at the Moon Watch, and on Wednesday my eye was pretty much swollen shut. I wasn't confident driving and felt very unwell, so we actually did very little. Grace has been playing a game on the iPad, looking at lines of symmetry, so we had a go at making some symmetry pictures, and she got to grips with a couple of pages of a maths workbook, but other than that, a quiet and pretty grumpy (on my part, anyway!) day.

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