Sunday, 1 September 2013

Lots of Literacy

It has been a quiet day today here, with Grace choosing to rattle through lots of literacy work in one of her new workbooks. First she looked at fiction and non-fiction.

Then she completed several pages of "comprehension". The advice in the book is to read the stories aloud to younger children (Grace is at the lower end of the age range for this particular book), which I did, and she then answered the questions. She was happy to write the shorter answers herself (with a little encouragement), but for the longer answers, she dictated and I wrote down her answers.

It was such a lovely day though, that we had to get outside into the sunshine, so I walked and Grace cycled to the local shop while Jude was napping.


  1. they look like good workbooks- where did you get them?

    1. Sainsburys! :) That one is called Mega English, and they also do a Mega Maths one too - £3.50 - bargain!