Thursday, 12 September 2013

Planning for Sukkot

Next week it is the Festival of Sukkot (we are in the period known as the High Holy Days, so there are a lot of festivals right now!), and we will be building our Succah in the garden soon. We are busy thinking of autumnal, harvesty crafts we can do to decorate this succah, as if the weather is good, we will be eating all our meals in it! I am creating a leaf garland like this and today we went out collecting sticks for making some rainbow wind chimes. Of course, no walk right now is complete without foraging for a few berries!

Whilst Jude was sleeping, we played a little "Think Links", which is probably our best charity shop find to date. It comprises of some picture cards and some word cards, and an instruction booklet with around 100 different ways of playing with the cards, all designed to prompt the imagination. Today we each received 4 picture cards, and had to make up a story featuring each of the items shown on the cards. Grace continued to play her own version of it long after Jude had woken up and needed attention, and was storytelling most of the afternoon.

When we take our evening stroll, both children are fascinated by Luke's walking cane, and have been desperate to have their own. We have been looking out for some, but finding them in small enough sizes hasn't been easy, and yesterday Luke came home with two moderately sized fallen tree branches, with a view to making our own. Grace helped him to measure them and saw them to the right size, and today both children "helped" with the sanding. They are looking forward to taking them out tomorrow - Jude, in particular, has spent much of the day wandering around the house with it saying "Stick! Stick!".

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