Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Preparing for Rosh Hashanah

Yesterday, we spent almost all day over at Louise and Salma's flat, playing in their fabulous garden and chasing the chickens (the children, not me!).

Grace has got really into word games recently, so we spent the whole of the journey home finding words that began with the last letter of the previous word. Grace was keen to go foraging in the woods around Salma's home, but there wasn't time yesterday, so I promised her I would take her blackberry picking today. We took a circular route, with lots of brambles and they both uncomplainingly walked about a mile, which is fairly standard for Grace, but a fair distance for Jude!

Pickings were good - by the time we got home, I had this many:

But the girls, between them, had this many:

I suspect some most may have found their way into tummies!

While Jude was napping, Grace and I talked a bit about Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) and tried to find descriptive words for the two items synonymous with Rosh Hashanah; apples and honey. Grace really enjoyed using all her senses to explore them and thinking of words to write on our giant apple and honey pot.

Following the disaster of the leaf bowl, Luke decided to make a papier-mâché with Grace instead, so they cooked up a flour paste and got to work on the first layer.

While Grace was out with Auntie Nicki this evening, Jude and I got stuck into some more Rosh Hashanah apple crafts, and I overcame my fear of paint in the living room!

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