Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Abbie's Birthday

We had a busy day today, starting with finishing the cookies for "Abbie's" birthday. Both girls then made him a card each - Grace did all the writing in hers herself, using her dictionary card, and Jude was very proud of her picture of a "swimming pool"! Grace insisted that as it was a birthday, she ought to be wearing a party dress....

White choc and raisin and
dark choc and cherry cookies

Cookies and cards
This afternoon I took Grace to her drama class. She seems to be much happier there at the moment, and is fully participating, which is a relief. She's really excited that they are going to be doing another play next term; she loved being in Babushka in December. I managed to get a few shots of her "in action" this week (again, being careful not to include other children - they were there!).


After Drama, we went over to Nannie and Abbie's to give him his cards and present. He was very pleased with them, and the girls enjoyed some stickering and reading time with both of them.

We had an interesting discussion on the way home on what substances would be good to swim in; custard, ice cubes, whiskey, jungle rivers and casserole (amongst others) were all suggested, and Grace explained the pros and cons of each. Bizarrely, in a nonsense conversation, we covered density, heat and cold, volume (how many bottles of whiskey would it take to fill a swimming pool?!), parasites and several other really quite "serious" topics.  

The conversation took an even more bizarre turn over dinner, when we touched briefly on the idea that people in some countries don't always have enough to eat. Grace's response to the idea of famine was that "they could always eat each other"! she did ask what a cannibal was a couple of days ago (I think she was mulling over Pippi Longstocking at the time), so we are hoping it was connected to that. 

We noticed Grace and Jude playing Endless Alphabet on the iPad after dinner, and spotted that Grace was telling Jude which letter to move, and Jude was mostly picking the right one - so Grace is teaching Jude the alphabet!

In the last couple of days, Luke finished reading "James and the Giant Peach" to Grace, and I finished reading her "Ballet Shoes", so our bedtime reading has moved on to "Stig of the Dump" (Luke) and "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" (me). 

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