Thursday, 13 March 2014

At Home Day

At last, after one wash and eight rinses, I have the first batch of freshly stripped nappies on the line! Second batch has been doing today - the washing machine is definitely working overtime here.

Today, we have been mostly waiting in for the midwife, who told us she would come "in the afternoon". In the meantime, Grace rocketed through some maths workbook, mostly on her own as I was trying to get the house into a reasonable enough state that the midwife would have somewhere to put her bag, and wouldn't break her neck getting through the door!

We had a bit of a breakthough, in that she decided today that she had had enough, and chose to put the book away. Usually, her concentration goes well before her desire and she gets quite cross that she isn't managing to get on as well as she would like. We also did a little of her English workbook together, but the page she is currently working on requires quite a lot of reading, which is not her favourite activity, so we didn't get through a whole page. I did, however, manage to "catch" her reading one of my old "Peter and Jane" books to herself - and apparently enjoying the process!

There was great excitement here (we don't get out much!) over the fact that we can finally use the food waste recycling buckets which were delivered to us in January. We had a long conversation about the difference between the food waste recycling, which is new to our area, and composting, which we already do. We only have a cold compost bin, and Grace knows that cooked food can't go in it, so she was very interested that the food waste recycling bucket does take cooked food, as well as raw meat bones. 

The midwife finally arrived at 4pm (by which time I was just about to give up and take the kids to the park!), and, as usual, there was a very interested audience!

Grace took the following photos (look away if you don't like needles!) of my iron level blood test and a portrait of our midwife, Denise. 

In baby news, my bump is measuring 37cm at 32 weeks (so about 5 cm bigger than they would "like", but we know that I make big babies), and, more worryingly, the baby is currently transverse. I am trying not to panic about that - it is pretty much the only thing that would force us into a hospital birth, as there is just no way of birthing a transverse baby other than a C-section. After two perfectly normal home births (ok, there was a little bleeding...), I really don't want to go into hospital - they terrify me, so I shall be spending the next few weeks in all sorts of funny positions to try to encourage the baby to turn! We did have a funny moment where the midwife suggested the possibility of moxibustion to Luke, believing that as we were so intent on a home birth without scans, we would, in fact, be into anything "alternative"! He did actually have to leave the room to stop himself laughing at the thought of someone burning incense over my feet actually having any effect! I think she has now been set straight that we weigh up scientifically proven methods to find the right one for us, rather than simply being "hippies", which is clearly what she assumed before that point!

We didn't quite point her in the direction of Tim Minchin (bad language warning for this brilliant short film), but I think she was disabused of the "alternative" notion!

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