Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Back After A Long Break

I've had various technical difficulties (mostly my computer monitor snapping off!) which have resulted in a long break from blogging. However, after a computer donation from my mum and a new phone courtesy of Luke's upgrade, I am finally able to get back to documenting our days!

This morning, Grace decided to start a diary (more of a calendar of events really). She has documented in a notebook the things we do regularly. This did necessitate asking me how to spell lots of words, but by the end of it, she was able to recognise that all the days of the week contain the word "day", which "I can spell now!" She also made independent attempts at most of the words, which is a new development - previously she has always asked us for spellings straight away, and got a reasonable number of them correct.

Afterwards, in honour of the recent sunny weather, we decided to add blossom to the twigs on our Season Table, which we changed from Winter to Spring at the beginning of the month. 

Photography by Grace

The completed branches on the Season Table

Grace is very excited that she will be able to help people at Home Ed Group on Friday, because she already knows how to do this activity!

This afternoon we visited Great-Nanny, who recently broke her ankle in 14 places! Grace and Jude both enjoyed drawing and writing on the cast.

Every night, Jude goes to sleep with Luke while I put Grace to bed - and every night, it is simply essential that she wears wellies to do this! In theory, this isn't a huge problem, as we take them off after she falls asleep, but last night she found her wellies in the middle of the night, and then climbed into bed between us, resulting in some rather uncomfortable wellie-booted kicks in the back! Tonight they have been removed and relegated to the porch under cover of sleep.

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