Monday, 31 March 2014

Badbury Rings

This education business never quite works out the way I expect. Today we spent nearly 6 hours at an Iron Age Hill Fort, so I was anticipating lots of history and perhaps geological questions. Instead, along with much hill rolling and kite flying, we found out about botany and entomology, and did some further (practical) investigation into construction, with some very elaborate den building! This will be a picture-heavy post, as the pictures say it all really.

Badbury Rings

Hill Rolling. Of course, Grace removed her
dark coat and jumper first to ensure
maximum grass stains on her light T-shirt!

Grace identifying gorse

Den Building

Frisbee with the teenagers

The name is unveiled - "Bug City"

I find it so interesting watching the children (and teenagers) organise themselves without any adult intervention. After watching the bigger children rolling down the hill, Jude clearly decided she wanted to have a go. Immediately, all the children fanned out, covering any points where there might be a dangerous drop or some brambles, and one of the teenagers rolled down with Jude in her arms. Jude was thrilled, and it was lovely to see the care and concern they have for each other; it's easy to assume when you have a wide age range that they might split into peer groups, but actually, they just enjoyed each other's company.

Jude was delighted to see
a real ladybird!

Peacock butterfly

Exciting beetle which was admired for some time!

One of the mums showing Jude how to
use a magnifying glass
We were able to tick off three new plants too, in our Nature Sticker Book; primroses, dog violets and gorse. When we got home, Grace pointed out that she had not had her "quota" of TV last night, as Nannie and Abbie were over, so we negotiated some TV time tomorrow morning. She is getting quite good at staying calm and presenting an argument now, rather than just saying "because I want to". 

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