Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Ballet Musings and Other Adventures

We watched a documentary this morning about Swan Lake. Grace is (and has been for a long time) obsessed with becoming a "Prima Ballerina", which causes me a great deal of difficulty. It's not an issue right now, because we couldn't afford to offer her ballet lessons even if we wanted to, but still I am in a dilemma, because I really don't want to. I am acutely aware that most professional dancers are expected to maintain an unnaturally low body weight, and that this outlook is introduced very early in ballet classes. I also know that ballet puts a great deal of stress and strain on the body - far more than other styles of dance, and that this can cause crippling effects in later life. I actively want to discourage Grace from pursuing ballet, and yet.... we are happy for her to attend drama classes, and while she enjoys them, she doesn't have a natural aptitude for drama in the way that she has for movement, and one of the reasons for Home Educating was to not push her into a particular direction; to allow her to explore her own interests. It's just that this interest feels particularly....dangerous. Thankfully, it's not a decision we need to make right now, as we don't currently have the resources to fund ballet classes anyway, but one we will almost certainly have to return to - and I am not relishing the prospect.

Grace "practising" her ballet moves
in front of a documentary about
Swan Lake
 Later in the morning we went to an indoor play centre which was celebrating its first birthday by offering free entry (which was lucky, because it is usually frighteningly expensive!). Both girls love climbing, and this was very much geared towards climbing rather than the soft play style centres, so they were in their element.

Jude climbing up a very high,
very steep rope slope

Grace, with bunny ears from
the on-site dressing up box
I remain amazed how in one family, we have managed to produce this extrovert.......

And this self-contained little introvert (who played here, by herself, quite happily for about half an hour).

The children insisted on a picnic lunch in the garden, which was happily provided as we love a bit of sunny weather here!

This afternoon, I decided to take advantage of the sun too, by "stripping" the newborn cloth nappies and hanging them on the line. Unfortunately, they were right at the back of the "Linen Closet of Doom", so getting them out to begin washing them required a two hour sorting job. I was too embarrassed to show a "before" picture, but this is the newly sorted linen closet.

I was hoping to have a picture of all the lovely tiny nappies out on the line, but sadly, one was and (so far) three rinses later, the detergent build-up still isn't completely out, so batch one (of three!) will have to go out tomorrow. I suspect this will be a long process.....

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