Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Drama Queens

On Tuesdays we divide and conquer (if only!) with Grace going to her Home Ed Drama class with me and Jude staying at home and pottering with Luke. I'd like to say I know what Grace did at drama, but in honesty, after a relatively bad night, I closed my eyes and drifted while she participated. I actually think it works better if I at least appear to be taking less of an interest; I think she can be quite shy in front of me, and probably joins in more if I am otherwise occupied. The group was busier than this, but some of the children can't be photographed, so I have been careful with what I'm showing!

When we arrived home, Jude had clearly been raiding the dressing up box. Apparently rainbow socks, hats and gloves are all the rage this season!

A bit later Grace and Luke practiced some knots together, then Grace disappeared over the road to play with a friend while Jude and I tackled a mountain of clean laundry to sort and put away. We haven't finished......

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