Sunday, 9 March 2014

Enjoying the Sunshine

This morning, I abandoned all housework in favour of clearing and making safe the garden. We had a fence panel destroyed in the recent storms, so the garden was strewn with bits of fence, nails etc, and I really wanted the kids to be able to enjoy the sunshine. After bribing them with fruit to stay in the house while I cleared, I managed to get rid of all the fence panel, the cat poo (AGAIN!) and all the other winter debris. Apparently (according to Grace), the weather was warm enough today to play in the garden in pajamas....

When she did finally get dressed, Grace decided to do some indoor sunbathing! It has been lovely to spend the whole morning with the back door open; I feel like the house has had a proper airing today.

After lunch, we headed over to see our friends, Emma and Charlie, at Emma's mum's house. They are both lovely with the kids, and started off with a bit of reading, while Charlie showed us some beautiful silk scarves she has been natural dying.

Later, Emma and Grace made some savoury muffins, while Jude and Charlie played the tin whistle!

Waiting for muffins to cook requires a lot of distraction, and pond dipping for newts was the perfect thing. Grace was very excited to actually hold a newt.

Then, there may have been a spot of rough-and-tumble, before we finished up by having a muffin picnic in the sunshine....

Afterwards, we headed over to collect some things from Luke's mum, so the girls got to spend time with Nannie and Abbie too (and we now have a working vacuum cleaner, a measuring jug and some teaspoons!). It was surprisingly easy to get them into the car at the end of it - we had braced for a battle, but I think by that stage they were getting quite tired!

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