Saturday, 29 March 2014

Gardening Club and Creative Kids

We planned a chilled out day yesterday; our usual Home Ed Group was cancelled, and the kids both had (have) colds, so we had planned to keep things fairly laid back - then a notification of a new group popped up on my Facebook feed; a Home Ed Gardening Club - just for an hour in the morning. It sounded like the perfect opportunity to get the kids out in the fresh air for a while without wearing them (or me!) out too much. It was a really lovely experience. I was so impressed with the lady who ran it, who explained the three fairly simple tasks that the children were being asked to do, and then managed the session with a wonderfully light touch, allowing the children to choose which activity they wanted to do and how long they wanted to do it for, and knowing exactly when to step in to offer a little bit of assistance so that they didn't get frustrated and bored.

After the important task of choosing the right pair of gloves, Grace started off by helping to move a pile of rubble to waiting wheelbarrows.

Then she and several other children potted up some strawberry plants which had run rampant in one of the beds. She was very excited that she got to take a couple home (I am excited by the prospect of strawberries in the garden this year!)

Finally she really enjoyed watering all the pots, and the newly potted-up strawberry plants.

As is often the case, Jude took a while to warm up to a new environment, but once most of the children had moved on to other things, she really enjoyed using the wheelbarrow and watering the plants too.

Jude getting to grips with the
gardening gloves

She may not have transferred much water from the water bowl to the watering cups, but she was certainly tenacious! The two pots she watered were definitely very wet by the time she finished!

Watching and figuring it out....

Today Grace was keen to show off her writing - she has been practicing "small writing", so this is her normal style, with some small writing above it. She was very proud to have spelled all the words correctly by herself (it says "Abba + mum + Jude"), particularly as she sometimes struggles with "Jude". Luke also showed her how to write our surname, so she has been practicing that too.

We then headed into Boscombe to go to the free "Creative Kids" workshop. Jude enjoyed gluing and sticking, but Grace wasn't especially settled, and never really managed to settle all afternoon, culminating in needing to be carried back to the car because she kept running in the opposite direction. Nevertheless, some craft was done!

Even Luke got in on the act, making tissue paper flowers, which he and Grace then took across to the perfume shop opposite, so that they would smell "like real flowers" (aka the latest Dolce & Gabbana perfume!).

While they were busy, Jude had a sit in one of the ride-on machines (which thankfully, she hasn't yet realised, moves!)

We had a listless afternoon; many, many story books, but neither child really settling to anything, and Grace wandering around "being bored", until finally (after I suggested that bored kids might like to do some tidying up...) they immersed themselves in a makeshift puppet theatre which kept them fairly entertained for a while. 

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