Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Grace Tidies Up!

We had a very bad night last night - Grace was up until gone 2am with a cough that seemed to get worse every time she lay down. As Jude slept in this morning, I also managed a lie-in. Eventually, Grace woke us both, saying "I got bored waiting for you downstairs, so I tidied up" - and she really did!

Clear floor space means only one thing here; space for jigsaws! Both girls had a rare moment of co-operation with this one, which was lovely to see, and they were very proud of their efforts.

This afternoon we visited Great-Nanny, which is always a hit with the girls. This week she suggested playing Noughts and Crosses with Grace - but she was trying to let Grace win, which is not something we tend to do, so Grace was very confused! Slightly more bizarrely, she was trying to help Grace win by adding crosses (which was what Grace was playing) to the grid. Every time she did, Grace would say "Oh, you played a cross - I'm playing crosses, we'll start again". Eventually, they were both playing on different grids, and I had to leave the room to stop myself laughing.... 

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