Monday, 17 March 2014

Home Ed Group Meet

Grace is really enjoying self-directed workbooking at the moment, so this morning she completed several more pages of what is, essentially, revision, but work that she is able to complete totally alone. The dates are slightly out, because she did those alone too!

Later we made a start on making cookies for "Abbie's" (Luke's stepfather) birthday.

This afternoon we spent the whole afternoon (about 6 hours!) at Hengistbury Head with some other Home Ed families. The children even paddled in the sea!

We commandeered a piece of rusty old metal grating that the kids were running about with to use as a quadrat frame (mostly to avoid someone being stabbed with one of the sharp edges!), and the children talked about all the different things they could see in the different squares. It's amazing how much more you notice when your attention is focused on one small area.

When it got too cold, even for the children, on the beach, we headed to the new Visitor's Centre and enjoyed the exhibits.

Following the yellow brick road!

Jude finding something on the
floor interesting

Watching a video about the geology
of Hengistbury Head

After the Centre closed, we played for another hour or so at the entrance to the car park!

Home Ed group meets, with a good range of ages!

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