Friday, 7 March 2014

Lapbooking and Stickering.

Fridays are Home Ed Group day, which necessitates actually being at a group by 10am. In our house, that's quite an undertaking, so I very carefully made lists and schedules to get us out of the house in time. Unfortunately, I didn't put "take phone" on the list, so we have no photos of our entire morning! 

Grace really enjoyed showing the other children how to make some of the Spring crafts we have been doing this week, so didn't actually make very much herself (half a blossom twig...), but as she was so occupied, Jude and I were able to have a go at some together, which she really enjoyed. We did photograph them when we got home.

Blossom twigs, recycled windrunner
and butterfly wand

Inspired by lots of other Home Edders, Grace and I had our first go at "lapbooking" this afternoon - Spring Senses, sparked by a conversation as we left Home Ed Group about how warm the sun was and how we could hear the birds singing. I have since realised that the purpose of lapbooking is to build up the book over a period of time, adding to the knowledge of a subject, and reinforcing the understanding of it over the duration of making it, so in that respect, we weren't entirely authentic in completing it in one day. Nevertheless, Grace was very pleased with the result and is proud to have it on the Season Table (I have no idea why Grace insisted on wearing her apron all day - I just go with it!).
Front cover, and very proud author!


Spring Season Table complete with
our very first lapbook

No day is complete here without copious amounts of "stickering"; this was a brief and rare moment of co-operative stickering!

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