Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mother's Day

We started off the morning with a bit of manic dancing to our Passover soundtrack, which the kids are listening to in preparation for Pesach in a couple of weeks time. Sunday mornings are always good for a bit of dancing - even I joined in a bit!

Jude's dancing consists of
spinning on the spot!
Afterwards we got stuck in to Mother's Day preparations, by making cards and posies from the garden for Nannie and Grandma. Both seemed very pleased with them! Jude did make cards, but unfortunately has developed a taste for paper, and ate half of them before I could rescue them! Grace's card shows Grandma's garden, with brightly coloured flowers and plums, and the paddling pool on the left, a plum tree in the middle, and a rabbit and windchimes on the right (Grandma doesn't have a rabbit. She does have a cat, which doesn't feature...)

Grandma's card and posy

Grace's handwritten card, in
"joined up small writing"
We gave Grandma her gifts during lunch at Grandad's, then came home for a mammoth baking session as we had invited Nannie and Abbie over for Afternoon Tea. Grace helped make all the cakes and cookies, and was very proud of the finished ensemble. 

Grace and all the cakes!

Nannie and Abbie enjoying Afternoon Tea

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