Thursday, 27 March 2014

Natural Science and New Neighbours

We all started today with "bed-head", after a tough night with Jude, who spent a lot of the night hysterical and disorientated. She has a cold, and I think her breathing difficulties caused some nightmares. She was the only one who woke up with a physical manifestation of bed-head through!

Grace and I went to a Home Ed event at our local Natural Sciences Museum, looking at Rocks and Fossils this morning, and Luke took Jude to play with a friend's little girl, while she and her other daughter were at the event with us. Sadly, the event was a bit too old for Grace really; they normally aim their sessions at the 7+ age group, and had opened this one up to younger children, but an hour long lecture is still a little beyond Grace. There were, however, some great hands on parts which she did enjoy, and I'm still hoping it might spark some questions in the next few days. The first half of the session was the "rocks" section:

A salt crystal!

The second session was all about fossils:

After a tough morning of mostly sitting still for Grace, we went out to lunch with Grandma, at a cafe which luckily had a playpark right outside, where they could both let off some steam.

Co-operating with new friends

This afternoon we had some new neighbours move in, and Grace really wanted to do some baking, so we made them a batch of cookies and a card.

Raisin and white chocolate oatmeal cookies

All wrapped up and ready to take next door!
Grace spent some time this afternoon riding her bike and playing with her friend from over the road, so Jude got some uninterrupted time using the iPad. She really enjoys doing jigsaws on it, and also playing alphabet games (and getting a surprising number of letters correct!).

Yesterday's snuffles had turned into full-blown colds by this evening and both children are struggling to breathe easily, so we are planning a very quiet day tomorrow.

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