Monday, 10 March 2014

Seeds and Swings

Grace was asking this morning whether she could pick and eat the ivy berries in the garden (umm, NO!) which turned into a long conversation about the life-cycles of plants - how seeds are dispersed (particularly seeds in fruit), and what happens to them then. Grace told me that they grow roots and then stems, then flowers grow on the stems and are pollinated by bees, so that fruit grows. The area she was hazy on was where the seeds were, so we talked about how the seeds were usually inside the fruit of the plant. We found the seeds in the pear she was eating, talked about how there were seeds inside the ivy berries, and how birds eat them and disperse the seeds in their poo (so, she'll definitely remember that - poo facts are always remembered!). We looked at the daffodils too, and found the seed pods behind the flower. I discovered that daffodils can grow from these seeds as well as from bulbs (takes 5-7 years apparently); it's always nice when Home Edding teaches me something too!

Ivy berries

Daffodils, with the seed pod swelling
behind the flower

This afternoon we headed into Bournemouth for "Just Play", a fortnightly group with no agenda other than a chance to run off some steam, get some exercise and spend time with other children. We had a busy group today; at least 10 kids, and they all stayed pretty much as one big group, chasing each other and having a fabulous time. Jude really enjoyed going on the "big swing"!

Jude on the big swing!

Playing chase

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