Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Sick Day

Today was one of those days that looked nothing like school, and yet, when I look back at it, there was a fair amount of learning going on, despite the fact that we were having an "easy" day as both children are snuffly, and Grace has a horrible cough.

We started with dominoes straight after breakfast; Jude had one set which she enjoyed tipping out and then stacking them back in the box, and Grace and I played with the other set on the floor. It's a farmyard picture set, but it does also have numbers, so we were able to play "properly", adding up the number we had in our hand at the end of the game to work out the winner. 

It was also a bit of a hard lesson in competition for Grace. Until now, she has always chosen to play co-operative games, but dominoes is quite hard to play co-operatively, and unfortunately, I won both games. She did struggle with that, and we ended up putting the game away, but it was a good introduction to winning and losing, and she didn't stay sad for long.

After a brief interlude making trains crash off the sofa (Jude having removed all her clothes again), Grace asked if we "could just read lots of books, because we haven't done that for AGES" (because it's not like we read chapter books to her every day, and at least half a dozen picture books per day or anything...!), so we spent a pleasant hour reading lots of the old favourites. Grace even asked if she could read some of the words!

We had a visit from the midwife this afternoon, with a new midwife, as ours was on holiday. I think she was a bit surprised when the girls (thankfully fully clothed again!) both pulled up chairs for the show! They particularly like seeing me have my blood pressure taken, and Grace likes to show the midwife where the baby has been moving. We found out that the baby is no longer transverse, which is great news; it is now oblique, but "moving in the right direction". 

We usually have "technology" free days, and the kids then have access to the iPad from 6pm until dinner time, but today they were both going to see Auntie Nicki in the evening, so we bought it forward a bit. Grace has been enjoying a version of Tetragrams which involves fitting shapes inside letters, and she is very fast at it; far better than me! I have very poor spacial awareness, so it's lovely to see her so competent at it!

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