Thursday, 6 March 2014

Spring Flowers

There are some mornings, I am so glad to be Home Edding! Jude woke up at 3am last night, screaming and crying, and ultimately waking up Grace too. Everyone was finally asleep again by 4.30am, and I am so grateful not to have a school run with exhausted children! We all woke up at around 9am, and Grace decided to do some English workbook. English is slow going at the moment, because although she can read most things, she finds it quite dull to work out the words, and gets very irritated by how long it takes her to read. Consequently, we were quite pleased to have got through the one page we achieved today. It's a vast difference to her maths books; she can often go through four or five pages in one sitting.

We headed into Boscombe to have lunch with my mum, where the girls shared the biggest plate of fish and chips we have ever seen,  and a run around on the beach. When we got home, Grace decided she wanted to make something for her friend across the road who has not been well, so we set about making a bunch of Spring flowers. They turned out rather well, so we may well make some more at Home Ed Group tomorrow. Her friend has made a good recovery, so they were able to take their bikes out when she got home from school, which is very welcome after all the rain this winter.

Jude has, understandably, after her disturbed night, not been the happiest toddler in the world, and declined any photos today!

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