Tuesday, 25 March 2014


This lovely scene greeted me this morning - emergency services are very popular for imaginative play around here!

A couple of weeks ago, Grace fund a lovely waistcoat in a charity shop, and pleaded with me to buy it because she wanted "to look like Abba". At 20p, how could I refuse? When we got home, however, she announced that in order to look like Abba, she needed a shirt with cufflinks, so I trawled Ebay and eventually found one with tiny silver cufflinks, just like Luke's! She could not have been more pleased, and insisted on posing in her new outfit in Abba's chair!

Grace has really been inspired by the recent work we've been doing around structures (she really is a little engineer!) and yesterday asked why brickwork looked like it did, so this morning we got out the building blocks to explore different ways of building and see what worked best. Cylinders and pyramids were quickly discounted; they were wobbly and had too many gaps (please excuse the mucky table - Grace wanted to get on with it straight after breakfast!).

We moved on to more tradition "brick" shaped blocks, and tried out different ways of placing them to see what was the most stable.
Blocks stacked next to each other 

Traditional interlocking blocks
Then we went outside to check which way our house had been built.

When we came back in, we tested the structures to see which one would withstand something hitting it best. The stacks fell down and split apart, but the interlocking structure looked like this:

Afterwards, Grace did a bit of building by herself, testing various construction methods, adding windows and other gaps, and experimenting with adding a bit of design rather than merely function. Jude was also determined not to miss out on a tower-building session!

We then looked at some images on the computer of famous buildings (Taj Mahal, Colosseum, Pyramids) and tried to find close up pictures of what their brickwork was like. It was hard to see on the Pyramids, but on the others, they definitely used the traditional interlocking method. Tomorrow we are planning to look at some other types of construction (concrete, wattle and daub etc).

This afternoon was Drama Group. This term has mostly been about getting the children comfortable with different acting techniques through the use of games, but today they were acting out an actual story (they are planning to put on a play next term). 

Listening to the story
Grace being "worried she
can't find something" !

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