Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sunday at Grandad's

Grace begged for a milkshake this morning. I pointed out that we don't have any fruit in the house suitable for making milkshake, and she suggested using the oranges we have in the fridge. When I told her that orange juice would curdle the milk, she didn't know what that meant, so we had a go at curdling milk with a stray lemon wedge left over from fish and chips the other night. She decided she didn't want milkshake.....

We usually have Sunday lunch with my dad, and today it was the whole family, so the girls were very excited. It was also the first day this year that it has been dry enough to use the trampoline, so they had a fabulous time in the sunshine.

Jude and Grandma

Jude got a balance bike for her birthday (in December), but even on its lowest setting, she still couldn't touch the floor on it. We popped it away in the garage, thinking that she might have grown a bit by the summer, but today she saw Grace riding her bike outside, and insisted on having a go. It turns out she has grown just enough that the very tips of her toes touch the ground if she sits right at the very front of the saddle! Even so, she only let me hold on for one circuit, before insisting she wanted to do it herself!

First cycle ride on her own!

The helmet may be a little on the large
side, but she insisted on wearing it!

Two on two wheels! Eek!
Grace asked to do some English workbook with me this afternoon, but I had some other bits and pieces that I needed to get on with. When I came downstairs, she had found a handwriting workbook which she had rejected several months ago, and was steadily working through it on her own. She's already pretty confident with her letter formation (it's not always conventional, but it is consistent and seems to work for her), so this really was "revision", but it's lovely to see her choosing to do literacy on her own - she's very much a maths girl! In the last week, she has learnt to write the date, so she's now very proud to be able to date her own work.

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