Saturday, 8 March 2014

Sunny Spring Day

Today being Shabbat, in theory we don't "work", but that didn't stop Grace this morning figuring out decimals with Luke! This afternoon, we decided to go to the park in Christchurch, on the off-chance that their splash park was open (it wasn't) and Grace could try out her wetsuit. The playpark, however, was decidedly open, and it was amazing to be able to enjoy it in the sunshine after a very wet winter!

Luke says this goes faster
than it looks!

Afterwards we wandered down the river to feed the totally uninterested ducks with our very expensive duck food left over from CentreParcs. I have discovered today just how painful anything more than a very short walk is right now, so we may be sticking playparks for a while!

There were *some* ducks...really!

Grace holding the windrunner
we made yesterday

Grace looking for fish

Christchurch Norman Castle and Keep
(photography by Luke!)

By the time we got home, Grace had decided that she wanted to build on the oil and water experiment of earlier in the week, by using different liquids to see what would happen, so we devised a chart to show what she thought would happen, and then what actually happened. 

Before the oil
After the oil

She was quite surprised that the oil floated on so many of the liquids; I was somewhat surprised at how little the oil dispersed in the soapy water - it was proper soap too, not the eco-friendly version we usually use! 

Luke has also started to compile a dictionary for Grace, as she likes to write us notes at the moment. It contains all the words she thinks she uses most frequently (There are a few missing - the ones she feels confident spelling). It has become clear that her notes tend to ask to watch TV or play on the iPad!

Grace's most written words
(as decided by Grace!)

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