Thursday, 10 April 2014

Alternative Academics

A bright, sunny morning is always a good excuse here for a bit of imaginative play in the garden; Jude had fun "being a witch, mummy" while I hung out the washing..

Imaginative play here almost always takes the form of eating and drinking somehow, and this morning it was pretend cereal ("because we can't have cereal at Pesach, so we need more now!") and milk drunk straight from the little bottles.

Grace has suddenly got a taste for the academic again, just when I thought we were holding off due to general illness, and spent some time with me today doing hundreds, tens and units sums and lots of time with Luke looking at the area of squares and oblongs.

She also played (and beat) Grandma at both Connect 4 and Scrabble today (I helped her with some spellings and board placements for Scrabble, but she did think of the words herself).

In the meantime, Jude was quietly getting herself well and truly stuck in this chair:

She faced backwards on it, and managed to wedge a leg through one of the gaps. After about ten minutes of wrestling with her, we were surrounded by the party at the next table and all the cafe staff, offering suggestions, and eventually offering to break the chair! We finally worked out that there was no possible way that she could have got her kneecap through the gap straight on, so between us managed to hold her up sideways and wiggle it back through. She was unperturbed by this procedure, and started experimenting with her arms instead!

On the way home, Grace asked to play a spelling game in the car, consisting of picking a letter off the numberplate of the car in front, and spelling a word beginning with that letter. It's been quite a while since she last played that game, and I was impressed at how much progress she had made; last time we played she chose mostly three letter words, and struggled to work out how to spell them. This time she was choosing quite complex words, and at least making a stab at how to spell them instead of just saying she didn't know.

In the supermarket this evening, I found a form for a storywriting competition, which I showed to Grace with the intention of perhaps starting a story tomorrow, but she was keen to write it immediately, so we settled down to it. Ok, it was 8pm before we had dinner, but sometimes these things just have to be done immediately! I will be typing the story up tomorrow and sending it in, and will post it here when I have done so.

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