Monday, 28 April 2014

Ginger Beer and Reptiles

Yesterday's highlight was opening and tasting the ginger beer Grace made on Friday at our Home Ed Group. This was a great occasion, with Grandma and Grandad being roped in to taste too! Photos to follow when Luke shares them with me!

Today, we went into the New Forest, to visit the Reptile Centre. We were very lucky with the weather - torrential rain on the drive there and a thunderstorm when we got home, but for the duration of our visit we stayed dry, and despite the wonderful, informative, engaging volunteers warning us that we might not see much as it was cold and damp, almost all of the reptiles popped out for a sunbathe during the brief sunny spells.

Slow Worm


Natterjack toads mating


Jude checking out the various snakes and lizards
 Of course, there is always time for a little den building, which is one of Grace's favourite pastimes. She gets an awful lot out of being able to socialise with the teens too; she seems to really respect them, and takes in a lot more information when they read something to her or explain a theory.

Jude was being her usual, funny, little self - she is turning into quite the con artist! Just as we were about to set off for a walk, she announced that she needed the toilet. Despite having taken her only five minutes before, it's not something you ignore in a 2 year old, so everybody duly waited while I took her again. As soon as we got to the toilet, she started to take off her muddy boots and asked me to wash them! She had no intention of going to the toilet at all, but had figured out that I was more likely to take her than if she asked to wash her boots (she really hates getting her ladybird boots muddy!)!

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