Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Music and Art

We are all finding it hard to shake off the tiredness from our recent illness, and are somehow still all snotty after about 4 weeks now! Anyway, consequently, we are taking full advantage of the fact that it is the Easter Holidays, so some of our groups are not running, and are taking it very easy! This morning it was all about the road and rail set; mostly about Grace building complex tracks, and Jude trying to take them apart! 

An early model
This afternoon we went to our music group in Boscombe, which was just as well received as last week. I am pretty certain that we will be making it a regular fixture in our week. 

Grace chilling out listening
 to the music
This week was all about music and emotion, so the kids did lots of drawings representing how the music was making them feel as they listened to it. It seemed to be quite a challenge for children who are still very much in a concrete, rather than abstract period of thinking, but they made a good stab at it, and it is great that they are able to start considering that different factors affect their emotions in that way. Grace also discovered that she really likes using oil pastels (oh joy!).

Grace's drawing depicting being "happy in the rain"

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