Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Music and Family Time

We've had a truly lovely day today. That's not to say it hasn't had it's meltdowns, and issues, but we seemed just to take them more in our stride today than normal. The morning started with cuddles with Abba, and watching the semi-final (we are behind!) of The Great British Sewing Bee, which Grace loves.

TV and cuddles

Grace then did some "homework". She has found some wide ruled paper, and has decided to use it for "homework", which involves copying out pages of books, before asking me to read them to her, so that she knows what she has written. I continue to be slightly dumbfounded by the method she is using to learn to read and write, but she does seem to be getting there!

She asked to play a board game, and chose "Alpha Animals", which is about the trickiest one for Jude to join in with, but also one that we hadn't played for ages, so we negotiated on the rules. The set rules are that you have to name an animal beginning with each letter of the alphabet in order to move forward (you throw the dice to decide whether you can name any animal, or one that walks/swims/flies etc). Between us, we decided that Jude could move forward if she could name the animal which makes the sound we gave her (she enjoyed rolling the dice anyway, even if it had no bearing on her game at all!).

This afternoon, we went to a new, free music session at a recording session at The Sonic Kitchen Recording Studio in Boscombe. Jude was (as usual, in new situations) a little reticent to begin with as it was in a fairly small, fairly dark room with lots of people, but Danny and Luna-Rose, who run the studio were so friendly and welcoming that even she was soon shaking a tambourine! The kids first listened to Danny tapping out some beats, and tried to copy him on a variety of percussion instruments, and before long were making up some fantastic rhythms between them. They made shakers to take home, and were then allowed to explore the instruments. I don't know if I have ever seen Grace as happy as she was behind the (full-size) drum kit. I am still undecided about whether this makes me happy!

Listening hard for the beat

Making shakers

Absolute delight!

The finished shakers

The afternoon was somewhat marred by getting a parking ticket, despite using the "Phone and Pay" facility in the car park. The company called about 10 minutes after we left the car park and left a message to say that they hadn't been able to verify our registration, but we were in a basement studio with no signal..... Hopefully it will be fairly easy to sort out tomorrow.

The plan had been for Grace to go swimming this evening with Auntie Nicki, but she broke down on the way to us, and by the time she got here it was too late to swim. Disaster was averted by making pancakes and a trip to the park with Auntie Nicki instead.

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