Monday, 14 April 2014

Nature Walk and Passover

We headed out this morning for an HE meet at Avon Heath Country Park. It's a great park with some really well thought out play equipment, but also some fantastic other "attractions" - a wildlife pond, a sand lizard enclosure and a fantastic wooded area for den building.

We were very lucky to catch all the endangered sand lizards awake in the enclosure this morning and to be there just as a Ranger arrived to feed them. He was delighted to explain all about them, and managed to catch a female who was shedding her skin, so Grace is thrilled to have a piece of lizard skin to put in her "treasure jar"!

Grace, Ranger and lizard

Lizard skin

Male and female lizard basking on a log

After a little play, we went on a nature trail, which was a circular route of about a mile. Jude managed to walk pretty much the entire trail by herself, facilitated by Grace getting lots of support and encouragement from one of the lovely teenagers, which meant that I could amble at Jude's pace (not that I can go much faster than Jude these days!).

The kids had to show their treasures to the Rangers when we completed the trail, and they all got a certificate, then we had a wonderful picnic lunch in the sunshine.

When we got home, Luke was in full Passover cleaning mode - the house is now spotless. We had a final meal of pizza before giving up wheat, oats, barley, rye and spelt for 8 days! We did the ritual of searching for the last of the chamatz (leaven) this evening, just before it got dark. In theory, that task is supposed to be done the evening before Pesach, but we couldn't work out why you would give yourselves an extra day of not eating grains, so we went for tonight instead. Grace really enjoyed looking out for 3 stars in the sky, to make sure we weren't too late starting.

Searching for chamatz with a
candle,feather and wooden spoon!

Burning the last of the chamatz

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