Saturday, 5 April 2014

Punctures and Dinosaurs

We headed over to Castlepoint (our local shopping centre) today, for their Dinosaur event, but as we arrived, the car started to judder and make a terrible noise. There's not a lot to go wrong really on our car (Skoda), and we had the clutch changed recently, so we assumed, with sinking hearts, that it could only really be the gearbox. When we pulled into a parking space, however, two car valets came running over, and pointed out that we had had a massive tyre blowout (and hadn't even noticed!). They offered to change the tyre for us, which was wonderful as Luke has a dodgy knee, and at 35 weeks pregnant, I didn't much fancy doing it. Grace was completely fascinated by the process but they were so fast at doing the change that we didn't even have time to explain what they were doing properly!

The children were quite excited by the model dinosaurs, and Grace had a great time digging for fossils in a large sandtray, and decorating a "treasure box" to store them in. We are still all feeling distinctly under the weather, so a short trip out was about all we managed!

Grace decorating a treasure box

Copralite (dinosaur poo!)

Digging for fossils

Jude and the Velociraptor

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