Friday, 4 April 2014

Rain Week!

This morning was Rain Week at our Home Ed Group. The kids made "rain clouds" from shaving foam and watched it rain food colouring "rain" into the water below. They also made collages and pictures of rainy weather, a weather cycle wheel, rain gauges and a kind of lava lamp with coloured water, oil and an alka seltzer in a bottle, which wasn't especially reminiscent of rain, but was, nevertheless, amazing to watch.

Lava Lamp

Making clouds....

Adding the "rain"......

Rainstorm in a jar!

Grace's rainy day collage

Jude's cloud!

Weather Cycle wheel
We brought some friends home with us after the group, while their mum had a hospital appointment, so all five(!) of them had a great time playing. After they left the girls had a (very) extended bath, and got into pajamas early. Obviously, the thing to do when you are in your pajamas is to don a riding hat and wellies, and go for a quick cycle ride....

Afterwards Grace settled down with Luke to watch this TED talk about bionic limbs. After watching it, she was most put out that she wasn't able to have bionic legs!

Luke had to go out tonight, and after the last lone bedtime (where both children were awake until nearly midnight!) I was a little concerned, but Jude was exhausted and went straight to sleep, and just as I was slipping away, Grace came up (she had been downstairs watching Pocoyo) and asked to go to bed! This time I was completely done with bedtime before 10pm, which is unheard of on Shabbat, even when there are two of us!

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