Saturday, 12 April 2014

Rockets and Fireworks

Yesterday we went to an amazing session at our Home Ed group, run by the science teacher father of some of the group. The children were looking at forces, and really got to grips with some great experiments.

Why does the ball stay up?

Bicarb and vinegar
One of the popping tub lids actually hit the ceiling, which was very exciting!


What makes the ball move?

Making balloon drag cars
 The climax of the session was making water powered rockets, which we set off in the local park. One made it right into the branches of a very tall tree!

Filling up with "fuel"

Adding the fins

Building the pressure

In the afternoon, Luke took the kids out for a cycle ride, and a bit of a tree climbing session! Grace is confident to climb significantly higher than she was able to before the winter!

Then a quick game of "Tell The Time", before dinner! I must try and remember that games have "seasons", as this is one which I almost gave away; the last time we played it, Grace found it very dull and gave up on it halfway through a game. This time, Luke says she was totally engaged with it, and enjoying working out all the different times.

 Today was a tough day. Jude started by pouring half a pint of milk all over the kitchen, and Grace had to remind me that "she's still just a baby really mummy; she didn't understand what would happen". She was grizzly all morning, culminating in a massive bout of tears and shaking, resulting in me needing to hold her until she eventually fell asleep on the sofa. We had planned to go out in the afternoon, but Grace was happy playing at her friend's house, and by the time Jude woke up, it was getting pretty late. Luke did some art work with both of them (brave!) and Jude got to grips with a construction set she got for her first birthday, which we had put away as it was a bit too old for her at the time.

Painting with Abba 
Jude's painting
New construction set

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