Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Slow and Steady Days

We are trying hard not to wind down here as May approaches and the new baby's arrival gets closer; we are very aware that we may have to take a "summer holiday" early, while we adjust to life, so in the meantime we are trying to keep going, despite it being harder work to get out and about. Yesterday we spent some time reading the magazines from the RSPB which the children were given at the Reptile Centre on Monday, and Grace then enjoyed doing the quizzes and activities (even though the competition was already out-of-date!).

Tuesday Drama Group was particularly exciting as it emerged that the hope is that the children will perform two (possibly three!) short plays on a real stage! Grace is thrilled to be playing the sun in one of the plays and an old woman in another, and she is really looking forward to having some "lines" to say again.

Sunshine girl
Today we visited Nannie, which is always a welcome treat, and did a fair bit of English workbook. It was a hard slog, because Grace is keen to read as much of it as possible herself, which is fantastic, but she does find it hard to maintain her concentration levels. When we got to the word bank section, I did suggest to her that as it was mostly copying, she might want to race me to see if she could copy out the words quicker than I could put away the laundry. I did specify that it still needed to be done neatly, but I'm still not sure whether racing to complete written work is "best practice", although it did seem to focus her mind, and there is no discernible difference in quality. It may be unordodox, but it seems to work for her, so we will probably carry on! 

When Grace was still only a baby, we made what I think has turned out to be the best Home Ed purchase so far; The Usbourne Books "Nature Sticker Book" (which seems to be out of print and has been replaced by this one ) and "Spotter's Guide to Nature". Whenever we go out and about, we spot plant flowers and birds and the children can add the appropriate sticker to the sticker book, and tick off when and where they saw it. We are learning the names of a lot of new plants, trees and birds, and the children are constantly on the lookout for a new one that they can add to the book. The spotter's guide is now really starting to become useful for identification purposes too; it has lots more plants and a whole section on insects which the sticker book is missing. I am finding that the information in it is more in-depth too, which is great now that Grace is asking more questions about it all.

Today we have also defined the term "an accident waiting to happen"! It is when a very small girl wakes up distressed, disorientated and really needing a wee, but is too confused to understand that she needs to sit on the potty. Luckily, she gave us enough time to have some terry nappies on hand to avoid said accident!

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