Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Two days

We found ourselves at a bit of a loss yesterday for something to do; it was a stressful day - lots of little niggles which had us all sniping at each other, despite the beautiful weather. Eventually, the girls and I headed out to a garden centre in Wimborne, where they had a small play area, and some animals to make friends with. Grace really enjoyed seeing the farm animals up close(ish).

Pigs in the sunshine

Bertie the Goat
She also conquered the fireman's pole! She has been desperate to go down it by herself for about a year now, but has always decided against it at the last minute. Yesterday was the day! I probably could have convinced her to do it sooner, but I'm really glad I didn't push her; she was so proud of herself for having done it.

I have barely seen Grace today; she has been taking advantage of the Easter holidays and playing with her friend across the road a lot, and this evening, Auntie Nicki took her out for a cycle ride. Jude helped me cook for our Passover Seder tomorrow, and pottered about in the garden and living room. Every now and then she picks up a toy that Grace never played with, and spends hours with it, reminding me why I don't get rid of things!

Playing over the road
Toys Grace never played with!

Charoset cooking

Snacks in the garden

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