Saturday, 3 May 2014

Productive days

The last couple of days have felt quite productive! Yesterday there was no Home Ed Group (and the back-up Gardening Club we go to was also cancelled), so we had a very hard-working morning baking and gardening. We made Weetabix Cake (sadly doomed, as Jude turned the oven right down without me noticing, and it was unsalvageable), oaty bars, flapjack and a birthday cake for Grandad on Sunday. We also planted out the free wild flower seeds we had sent from BBC's Countryfile, some peas and beans and managed to clear some of the weeds and trim the dead bulbs. I will admit to having bought in the peas and beans this year - I am going for minimal effort gardening!

The ill-fated Weetabix Cake

Free wildflower seeds

Sowing wildflowers in our
 "wildlife patch"


Planting out

Grandad's Birthday Cake
Today we were all up rather early, but everyone was in good spirits. There was some chilling on the sofa, but Grace was keen to buy the bits we needed to decorate Grandad's cake, so we were at the packed supermarket fairly early for a Saturday morning!


It's never too early to swing on
the handrail in the front garden....
After lunch we went to Queen's Park, which has the benefit of being close by, with free parking! It is a fantastic park; lots of climbing opportunities, and they haven't made it too safe! We like that, but it does mean that there are certain areas that aren't really suitable for Jude yet, especially as, unlike Grace at the same age, she doesn't really have a sense of self-preservation, and will happily throw herself off high points or down holes! Today she got halfway across an aerial cargo net before Luke needed to rescue her....

Needing a little help

"Chatting" with new friends

Grace at the top of a
vertical tunnel

Riding a wooden horse,
pretending it's a motorbike...

When we arrived home, we decorated Grandad's cake, before settling down to a bit of TV before dinner and bed.

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