Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Back to Hospital

We realised yesterday that Isaac was quite distended, so we contacted the hospital who told us that they would ring back today unless we felt it was an urgent problem. Today, therefore has been a lot of waiting!

Grace did read quite a lot of her latest Peter and Jane book, and chose to type up more of her dragon story, and Jude did more of her "colours" sticker book. I had planned to take them on a Reptile Walk at Upton House Country Park this afternoon, but we were called into the hospital, so Becky took them instead. They couldn't find the walk, but had a great time on the play structures and in the fountain.

Meanwhile, Isaac was subjected to the most brutal of check-ups at the hospital. The registrar checked his internal stitches with a finger straight into his bottom, with no pause to let his body adjust to the insertion of a foreign object. She then gave him the most bizarre (and clearly painful) washout we have ever seen, forcing saline through the tube with the syringe plunger (we were told - by the same hospital - never to use the plunger, but to use gravity to allow the saline to flow in) and then syringing out the contents of his bowel. She never allowed any time for him to "help" the process along or for the pockets of wind to escape. This is completely the opposite procedure to the one we were taught, and the reason we were given for not drawing back on the syringe is that in such a small child it is easily to suck in part of the bowel by accident an cause injury or even perforation. We should have stopped the procedure. As soon as we saw the way she was prepared to perform a rectal exam, we should have asked for someone else. It took us debriefing with each other afterwards to realise that stopping was an option, but we will certainly not be allowing her near Isaac again.  

Isaac waiting for his washout. The
distention is very clear on the
right of the picture.
We were supposed to stay overnight so that they could check for more distention in the morning, but no-one had told the nurses, so there was no bed for us. We suggested going home and bringing him back if his condition worsened, and thankfully, they agreed, so we were all able to have pizza together this evening.

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