Friday, 25 July 2014

Back to "school"

Now that we are back from hospital, we are definitely back from our "summer holiday"! We had always planned to take a break when Isaac was born, as usually the weather is so good in May/June, and as soon as the schools break up lots of free, fun and educational activities pop up, so it seems to make sense to take an early break so that we can take advantage of them.

We are trying to make things a little more structured than we have done in the past, just to make sure that we are covering the important elements, so we have devised a "timetable" for Grace. We are never likely to be structured enough to have set "lesson" times, but this way we can at least keep track of what we have done, and strive to fill in the gaps. She is really enjoying ticking off things as we do them, and having some autonomy over when she does particular activities.

With this in mind, we recently went to buy some new workbooks for Grace (which she loves to do), and Jude decided she wanted one too, so I bought her a "Colours" sticker book. Grace then decided that she would rather have a sticker book too, so we came to an arrangement whereby she would choose a History sticker book (she chose "Knights and Castles") and we would use it as a "jumping off point" for other activities. So far this has been very successful; she has produced a piece of non-fiction (partly written by her and partly dictated and written by me), and today has been working on some fractions (in the shape of shields!). Jude has also been enjoying her sticker book.

Non fiction writing, complete with picture of a
page hanging out washing on a rotary washing
line. A good opportunity to talk about

Shield Fractions

Jude's book of colours
Of course, no day is complete without a little bike ride and some swinging on the bars both wearing the new shorts which Nannie made....

 I caught Grace in a (naked) random act of kindness; cleaning Jude's bike when she thought no-one was watching. As she was already naked, she was in the perfect position to enjoy the thunderstorm a few seconds later too!

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