Sunday, 27 July 2014

Festivals and Fun Days

We moved the bins this morning. Nothing very exciting; they hadn't been put back where they should have been after bin day, so we shifted them a couple of feet to where they live. We discovered, however, that rather a lot of woodlice live under our bins, and those were extremely exciting. We took some pictures of them:

Photograph by Grace

Then Grace brought one in to examine it more closely:

We did some reading, writing and drawing - all connected to woodlice.

Then Jude managed to find and bring in the only dead one, and at that point we stopped studying them....

We went back to the Mudeford Arts Festival for the Art Exhibition Prizegiving. Grace didn't win, so we discussed famous artists who never achieved critical acclaim during their lifetimes, and Grace decided that she would continue to do art anyway, because she rather enjoys the process. We had another look at some of the adult artwork in the Exhibition, and discussed the difference between naturalistic and impressionistic paintings. Grace prefers naturalistic ones.

After picking Luke up, we went to a local fun day, where the girls really enjoyed the activities put on by a local "Youth Gym". Jude is quite the skater girl (she does have an amazing sense of balance for a two year old!) and Grace loved the rowing machine.

If we ever worried about socialisation, a trip to the park always sets our mind at ease. Grace is always immediately in the thick of the biggest group of children she can find and Jude finds her own gentle connection with people.

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